“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” —  Bruce Lee

Our lives are overloaded with impulses. We lurch from crisis to crisis as we search for the silver bullet that will forever kill the demons that chase us from within. We add on more in the hope that the distractions will somehow make the problems go away. Alas, they don’t. Instead, we end up more befuddled than we began.

Look at what you need. Then trim away the rest. In ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement, the space between the flowers and the twigs speak louder. The artist removes gently, till only the essence of the piece remains — one flower, a few branches, a wisp of autumn leaves. It is a thunderous statement on the power of less.

In our lives we often speak of eliminating distractions to focus on our goals. What happens when the goal is a distraction?